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Matic Blockchain is the answer for the Blockchain world crowded and affected by a plethora of applications resulting in deprecation of the Blockchain ecosystem. Get your application built on Matic with Byteprojects and experience the true powers of Blockchain without the trade-off of scalability or higher transaction fee.

Benefits of Matic

The innovative approach of Matic, along with some astonishing features, has resulted in clearing several doubts in the mind of a person looking to leverage Ethereum Blockchain for their usecase. While Matic supports Ethereum as of now, it is also going to support other Blockchains in the future which makes it a great choice for several use cases. For instance, let’s assume your use case involves the facilitation of intra-day interest facility. For such a use case, you would require a high daily transaction throughput as well as low transaction fee as every user on your platform is there to earn interest not to pay more than what he gains. Therefore, by shifting the application on Matic side chain, the use case would become much more feasible for every user without compromising the security and finality of the transactions.

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The primary goal kept in mind while creating this innovative Blockchain platform was to facilitate scalability and increased scalability is what makes Matic a perfect choice for modern applications. This scalability is achieved by introducing enhancements to existing Blockchains.

Lower Fee

With transactions happening on a less congested network and requiring lesser resources, lower transaction fee is one of the most intriguing characteristics of Matic. The interesting part is that this lower transaction fee comes with enhanced security and scalability.

Transaction Throughput

Almost every modern day use case requires considerable transaction throughput but the current Blockchains are unable to meet the demands. Considering the existing financial structure, the inability of Blockchains to compete with them is a major drawback. Leveraging the Matic sidechain is one of the best options.

Advance UI/UX

The biggest factor in the adoption of any application is the ease with which a client can use it. With the advance UI/UX provided by Matic, they have introduced the long-pending need of the customer to easily understand as well as access the Blockchain functionalities

Support & tools

The Matic developer community is as promising as the platform itself. The community has already built some amazing tools and is in process of creating even more amazing tools for the developers. For the Ethereum and Solidity experts, Matic supports existing popular tools such as Truffle

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