Non-fungible Token

Create your interchangeable and distinguishable token platform with NFT

Why Non Fungible Tokens

Non Fungible Tokens ( NFT ) or ERC721/ERC1155 are very unique type of cryptographic token having futuristic key in the blockchain world, where each token is identifiable from each other and can represent any goods and assets in digital token form. NFT uniqueness can be used in securing digital ownership, protecting IP rights, tracking digital assets and overall creating real world value.

Our Non Fungible Token Development Service

Crypto Collectibles

NFTs are well known in the new internet collectibles industry where users can keep digital assets assigned to their names and ownership is immutable. Example : cryptokitties

Blockchain Games

In the gaming industry, NFTs enables features to give players true ownership of digital assets (weapons or goods) that they bought in a game and the ability to take them outside the game and freely buy, sell and trade them. Example : mlbcryptobaseball , ledgerlegends etc

Open-Market/Trading Place

BUY | SELL | TRADE Crypto assets by making open market/trading place containing order book and exchanges using 0x protocol. Example : rarebits, opensea , boxswap

Identity Management

NFTs can be considered best suitable for identity management or kyc where a particular token, as each token represents a unique value, will be owned by any entity.

Software License Management

NFTs can be used in Software license where a license is represented by a NFT number and that will be signed and authenticated by its owner and also it is easily transferable.

Asset Lifecycle Management

UsiBuying and selling of any asset (car, artwork, property, content) and transferring ownership of asset/token to another person will become easy and frictionless

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