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Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions, a modular architecture delivering high degrees of confidentiality, resiliency, flexibility, and scalability. Fabric is used to implement blockchain technology as a foundation to build other blockchain solutions and create a permissioned network for enterprises.

Features of Hyperledger Fabric

Private Transactions

Hyperledger allows the user to create private channels, where only selected members can perform and see the transactions, these features enable greater privacy and keep their transactions invisible from the competitors in the enclosed ecosystem. Fabric leverages to select the identities to just see and copy the transaction without participating in the mainstream network.

Multi-lingual Smart-Contract

Hyperledger smart contracts are written in Chaincode that contain the business rule of the system, it is written in java or Go. Chaincode initializes and manages ledger state through transactions submitted by applications, its basic principle is to separately encode each component. A chaincode typically handles business logic agreed to by members of the network, so it is similar to a “smart contract”.

Network Roles

Hyperledger fabric assigns network roles by node type. To provide concurrency and parallelism to the network, transaction execution is separated from transaction ordering and commitment. Executing transactions prior to ordering them enables each peer node to process multiple transactions simultaneously. This concurrent execution increases processing efficiency on each peer and accelerates delivery of transaction to the ordering service.

Decentralised Exchange Development

We build decentralized token exchange comparable to Radar Relay(0x), OasisDEX (MakerDAO). Our exchanges are highly secure & decentralized with some key features including fully customizable layout , embedded automated revenue system and modular admin panels.

Consensus Protocol

Hyperledger fabric consists of certain number of consensus protocols to tailored the blockchain paradigm accordingly for the different use cases. It serves to generate an agreement on the order and to confirm the correctness of the set of transactions constituting a block.

Modular Algorithms

Hyperledger implements a modular architecture to provide functional choice to network designers. Specific algorithms for identity, ordering and encryption can be plugged into any Hyperledger Fabric Network, this kind of modularity is enabled by its robust architecture that looks into the future of this brand new blockchain technology

Hyperledger Blockchain Solutions For Industry

Logistics & Supply chain
Health care
Banking & Finance

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