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What is DeFi?

Blockchain is already being regarded as the “new Internet” and the various trends in Blockchain are acting as a catalyst to its already established popularity, intensifying its prominence in every vertical. Leading this wave is the concept of decentralized Finance or DeFi. Inclusion of Cryptocurrencies marked just the beginning of the new era, the evolution of DeFi is what will define this era. Imagine a digital disruption where cash transactions are out of the equation, and physical currency becomes bsolete. Unlike oldfangled finance, we foresee it taking shape in the coming years with the ascent of DeFi. Whether it is transparency, immutability, interoperability, a permissionless financial system, or a secure, low upfront cost solution, DeFi provides all of it.

Benefits of Stablecoin


The only barrier to accessing a DeFi application is how can you move your fiat currency. Other than this, any person with an internet connection can reap the benefits of DeFi. Even if a person has been void of the facilities provided by banks or financial institutes, DeFi enables an unmatched inclusion due to seamless accessibility.


It is due to the ascent of DeFi that the financial paradigm is shifting towards a decentralized system where everyone is the owner. Rather than a central authority controlling the governance of the economy, DeFi-based economy is governed by smart contracts.


Powered by Blockchain, DeFi is a financial system that brings much-needed transparency into the picture. Anyone who is a part of a DeFi system can not only see how the whole system works but can also enjoy unparalleled transparency in terms of financial data, rates, and much more.


A DeFi application is bound to no jurisdiction. It is a borderless system where people can trade with complete trust and transparency, without the hassle of going through customs. It is a permissionless network where anyone can join and access the market from anywhere.

True Digitalisation

In a world moving towards complete digitalisation, DeFi is becoming the new financial structure. Being a completely online service, a DeFi system eradicates the possibility of human intervention and enables true digitalisation.

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